Archetypes: Who is in Your Unconscious Driver’s Seat?

Archetypes: Who Is In Your Unconscious Driver’s Seat?


When we see a Cupid we immediately understand that it is associated with love. The cupid, as an example, is an archetype, a visual, powerful “short hand” for the mind to recall the qualities of what the cupid symbolizes. Archetypes embody particular aspects of a concept, person, personality, values or actions.

Archetypes are so powerful because they work on the symbolic level of consciousness. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an archetype could be worth a hundred workshops!

Many of us have integrated archetypes into the way we see the world, using them as a sort of energy blueprint. Heroes, Gods, Goddesses, people who have influenced us, artists, movie characters can all be adopted as powerful inner “role models.” The archetypes we adopt consciously or unconsciously are key players in how we live in the world. They provide clues and ideas about how we can respond to life’s challenges.

Who are your favorite archetypes? Why? Have you made these choices consciously or unconsciously? What if you are holding an archetype that is unhealthy or may not be serving you any longer?

We examine male and female archetypes that influence aspects of our lives, creativity, work, home, etc. in “Crafting the New”. Some participants are very clear about the archetypes they have already chosen to guide and inspire six aspects aspects of their life. We discover, however, that there is often a correlation between areas of our life which we feel stuck, or that we have difficulties with, and the areas we cannot identify an archetype or role model. Once we chose an archetype we gain a keener insight into how to approach our goals.

An archetype is an original model of a person, ideal example, or a prototype upon which others are copied, patterned, or emulated; a symbol universally recognized by all. In psychology, an archetype is a model of a person, personality, or behavior.

“The partnership of archetype and human being is one that mystics and poets have long known, for myths and archetypes communicate from the poetic level of mind, allowing nature to speak to the imagining soul rather than just presenting us with scientific laws and probabilities. This poetic mind is of a higher order of coherence because it has color, aesthetic form, rhythmic relationship. It belongs to a finer frequency of the mind-brain continuum. Indeed, evidence exists that in certain states of consciousness, the mind-brain system appears to move into a larger wave resonance, a frequency that may itself be nested in a continuum of mind beyond the field of the experiencing body. In this state, mystics and highly creative people come back enriched and enlivened to do or think remarkable things. When we meet myths and archetypes in this state, we can speak directly to the inner imaginal realm in which mind, nature and spirit converge and our highest potentials become available to us!” —Dr. Jean Houston

Consciously choosing both the male and female archetypes creates harmony and balance in any area of your life. Think about who you want to hold up as a role model in your business, your dating life, artistic endeavors; it could be anything! You can then energetically “download” qualities you admire, skills you need and inspiration for taking the next step toward your dreams.

Look around you and see the kind of role models that are available today. Maybe you would like more money in your life. Would you choose Donald Trump or Martha Stewart as a role model? Why? Maybe Warren Buffet or Oprah embodies the style, or qualities you would prefer. You can also access guidance from spiritual teachers, mythology and archetypes from Greek mythology, or other areas of art and spirituality.

People identify with archetypes every day through the meditation practices. Archetypes can be heroes, sports figures, movie stars, business leaders, and, particularly, our parents. Consciously choosing archetypes to engage with energetically can inspire, support and renew our dreams


Going Deeper with an AvivaLife Archetype Energy Balance

Curious about who’s in your unconscious? If you feel you’re unaware of who is in the drivers seat of your unconscious, consider have an AvivaLife energy medicine session on any area of your life to learn which archetype is influencing your choices.

This session can reveal who is in the unconscious driver’s seat in the many areas of your life. By balancing, refining, or deleting the influence of these role models you can undo blocks to your growth or progress. By addressing the archetypes guiding your male or female aspects you can change your energetic pathways.

For example, in one AvivaLife session it became a priority for the client to address her business. We found that her father was actually holding a place in her vision about herself and business and it was not a positive influence. His energetic imprint was actually stopping her from taking steps forward in her career. We energetically moved him away from her business life and brought in a stronger positive archetype that represents how she wanted to be successful in the world. By bringing that energy into her life, her business life began to shift. She felt more at ease to approach people about what she did, easier to promote herself and that she became clearer and smarter about her business decisions.

Aprylisa can help you find the archetypes that have been running the show in many areas of your life by working gently with your body and innate wisdom. This could be the change you are waiting for!


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